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hummel is new sponsor of immigrant soccer team in New York

hummel is proud to sponsor the New York based soccer team Rooklyn International Football Association - and to actively participate in the fight for kindness, diversity and social empowerment.

America has always been a colorful patchwork of ethnicity. Unfortunately, these days some people seem to be more focused on building walls instead of bonds and human connections. For immigrants and their children, the divide is more tangible than ever and immigrant communities struggle to advance their own voices.

In New York City, a small group of people decided to bypass the barriers of language, ethnicity, faith and politics through sports.

‘Rooklyn International Football Association’, RIFA, is a soccer team in New York aiming to help young immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees integrate into society and establish a social network through soccer and mentorship. RIFA is focused on providing a positive, safe and supportive environment for young immigrants.


The new team kits

New York fashion designer Willy Chavarria has designed the team’s new kit featuring the number 5683 - representing L-O-V-E on the digital keypade. The number reflects hummel, Willy Chavarria and RIFA’s shared effort to create and share a more embracing and tolerant tone in the current global immigration debate.

change the world through sport

“At hummel we strongly believe in the power of sports as a unifier that brings people together across nationalities, religion, culture and political standpoints. Immigrants are not the threat. Division is. And we should not allow ourselves to be persuaded by any political side to paint our neighbor as the enemy”

- Ulrik Juul, former PR, Karma og Communications Manager hos hummel.