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hummel and handball

Are you looking for handballs or other handball equipment? Then you've come to the right place. If you say handball, you also have to say hummel. Or vice versa. For more than 100 years, we at hummel have loved everything to do with sports and handball, and everything from sticky resin to flying handballs is just our thing. After committing ourselves in various handball courts around the world for a whole century, we have become quite good at designing and producing all equipment for handball. On this page, we have gathered all our handballs and accessories for handball, so you can easily find what you need for your next handball training or match. A hummel handball is of the highest quality with good stitching and a shape that holds. At the same time, our handballs come in several different sizes, colors, and designs, so there is something for every level, age, and taste.


Handballs in all sizes

At hummel, we have handballs in several sizes. It's not trivial what size handball you get your hands on when you're on the court. As a handball player, it's important that you have the right ball with the right size, so your grip is strong and solid, and you have good control over the ball. If the ball is too big, it can be difficult to grip the handball correctly and master your throwing and shooting technique. Moreover, there are different rules for which handballs should be used at different levels and for different age groups. For example, there are handballs specifically for children, while adult women use a slightly larger ball (handballs size 2). Typically, men's hands are larger and longer than women's, which is why so-called "men's balls" are required for adult male players (handballs size 3).

The sizes of our hummel handballs are divided into the following order:

  • Handball size 0.0
  • Handball size 0
  • Handball size 1
  • Handball size 2
  • Handball size 3

The different sizes differ in circumference, weight, and recommended air pressure. At the same time, our handballs are made of different materials and have different surfaces depending on whether they are used for adult handball matches, training for children, or perhaps a game of beach handball. It's important to pump and treat your handball correctly based on its material and weight. For example, a handball should not be pumped too hard, so the ball becomes too stretched, and it becomes difficult to grip and hold it. Furthermore, not all handballs are made to handle resin.

Read more about the different sizes of handballs right here:


Handballs size 0.0

hummel handballs in size 0.0 are our smallest balls – perfect for little dynamos who are beginners on the court. A handball in size 0.0 is a soft "street ball" with a circumference of 44-46 cm and a weight of only 180-200 grams. This handball is a good beginner ball made of a soft material that cannot tolerate resin.


Handballs size 0

hummel handballs in size 0 are also a children's handball. It has a circumference of 46-49 cm and a weight between 225 and 235 grams. A handball in size 0 is often made of both rubber and (synthetic) leather, and is a super good ball for the little ones when they need to practice dribbling and get a better flow in the game. A handball size 0 is used by both genders. It is not intended for resin.


Handballs size 1

A handball in size 1 has a circumference of 50-52 cm and a weight of 290-330 grams. A size 1 handball can be categorized as a youth ball and is used for U13 players of both genders.


Handballs size 2

A handball in size 2 has a circumference of 54-56 cm and weighs 325-375 grams. This ball size is used by U15 of both genders, but upwards it is only used by women. Many therefore categorize this ball as a "women's ball".


Handballs size 3

The last ball size in the series is a handball size 3. This handball has a circumference of between 58 and 60 cm and a weight of 425-435 grams. This handball is considered by many as a "men's ball" since it is only used by U17 boys, U19 boys, and men's senior.

See our complete size guide for handballs here.


handballs for kids

Is your child starting to play handball? Then keep reading. At hummel, we have a wide range of handballs for kids, so your child gets as good a start on the handball court as possible. The smallest balls are made of soft materials, so your child can learn to handle the ball at a calm pace without being afraid of getting hurt.

Children's balls are available in sizes 0.0, 0, and 1, all of which are used for both genders. Children's balls are light and smaller in circumference and are also not suitable for resin. When the children are new to the court and need to start training ball skills and mastering both throwing, catching, and shooting techniques, it's especially important with the right ball. Handballs in size 0.0 are the smallest and softest "street balls", which are the perfect beginner ball. Later, the children move on to a size 0 ball, which is available in both rubber and leather. Here, more flow starts to come into the game, and the children can better practice techniques such as dribbling and feints with the ball.

After some time, the children move on to a size 1 ball, which is used for youth players. From the age of 15, both genders move on to a proper adult ball.

Children's physique develops at different paces, which is why it can be a good idea to have different ball sizes for training at the beginning. In this way, the children can each use the ball that fits them and their development best. For matches, however, there is only one specific ball size per age group – unlike training. U6 and U7 play with the soft street ball, which is easy for the children to handle (size 0.0). As U8, the children start to play with the soft rubber ball of size 0. This is also a good transitional ball to leather or synthetic leather balls, which are introduced to U9. U13 uses size 1, while size 2 and 3 are reserved for adult women and men.


Handball styles and handball shoes

Of course, a handball is the most essential element to be able to play this sport. But to be fully ready to hit the court, it's also important with the right sports and footwear. At hummel, we have a large selection of both handball shoes, handball jerseys, handball shorts, and much more. It's important to feel comfortable in your gear to be able to perform your best on the court. Handball is a contact sport with speed, so it's crucial to have clothes that ensure good mobility and ventilation, while also a handball shoe with good support and cushioning is super important. See everything we have for handball right here.


All kinds of handball accessories

Besides a good handball in the right size, handball clothing that feels good, and handball shoes that support and stabilize, there is a plethora of other accessories that can make your handball training easier. As dedicated handball nerds, we know that you should never skimp on equipment – and certainly not on the quality of it. Therefore, on this page, you will also find loads of extra handball gear such as cool sports bags, supportive performance socks, sports tape, handball nets, and much more. Make your handball wardrobe complete, pack your handball bag, and hit the court with hummel.