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Football equals peace in Nagasaki

» Sport has the potential to inspire and connect people. It's about more than just winning or losing. We're on a mission: It's about our community «

- Akira Takata

Nagasaki, Japan

A city with a deeply rooted history – and a football team that actively uses this history as a platform to create change.

In Nagaski, football equals peace.

Not just in the sense that football creates community and joy. It’s much more direct. Because in Nagasaki, the history of the city is actively used as a platform to create change, to spread a message of hope and peace, and to remind people that the horrors of the atomic bomb that fell on August 9th, 1945, must never again be repeated.

Even in the name of V-Varen Nagasaki one can detect a close connection to the history of this impressive city. The V has four meanings, all closely connected to Nagasaki's past as a trading post with strong ties to Portugal and the Dutch. V stands for Vitoria (Victory in Portuguese), Vrede (Peace in Dutch), Varen (Voyage in Dutch) and Variedade (Diversity).

It’s a reminder that this ancient trade post used to have strong ties to the rest of the world in a time when most of Japan was closed off to the West.


Sport has the potential to bring people together. To erase differences, to create shared experiences and to unify instead of separate

- Akira Takata


“In Nagasaki, we have a unique opportunity and obligation to advocate for peace because of our past,” says Akira Takata. “It’s a small step towards peace, a very small one, but one we have to take none the less. Sport has the potential to inspire people and it connects people. It’s about more than just winning or losing. We are on a mission: it’s about our community.”

Akira Takata saved the club from bankruptcy in 2017 – having sponsored the club through his Japanet corporation for years. Now, as the owner, he has led V-Varen to unique success, with their 3-1 win against Kamatamare Sanuki and their move to J1 as the ultimate symbol.

Using sport as a platform to spread positive messages of peace, V-Varen Nagasaki not only moves forward – they also brilliantly represent the hummel® vision: Change The World Through Sport.