Company Karma


Let's pay a special homage to those who stand in the background. Those who stick by us during good times and bad times. Coaches, girlfriends, boyfriends, teammates, role models and parents. It's hard to go the distance without the help of a few good people. That's why hummel is celebrating the MOST VALUABLE PEOPLE. 

Annah Ritah

Annah Ritah - a Danish elite runner - is no stranger to fighting through tough times. Whether if it's the last mile or finding themself in a world where the vocabulary to describe who you are didn't even exist. 

Tina Engberg

Identity. It's tough to nail down no matter who you are. And it changes throughout life - in many cases due to the people we bump into on our journey. For Tina, who also goes by Trykkert√łsen, her Most Valuable People helped her view identity and being human through a completely new lens.


It takes a toll; having to hide who you truly are. But with the support of his family - his Most Valuable People - Jon Lee-Olsen stepped out where few professional ice hockey players have stepped before him. He came out as queer.