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Hjemløselandsholdet stays with hummel

Denmark’s national homeless football team - Hjemløselandsholdet - has extended their contract with Danish sports brand hummel as the official clothing sponsor until 2022. This has been secured through a new two-year sponsorship agreement between hummel and the NGO OMBOLD, which select and train the national homeless football team. With the partnership, hummel and OMBOLD also want to further focus on their shared mission of changing the world through sport.

Since 2017, hummel’s iconic chevrons have adorned the national homeless football team’s red and white kit, both on and off the pitch when they have represented Denmark and the country’s socially disadvantaged and homeless people in the Nordic Championships and the Homeless World Cup. And they will continue to do so for the next two years, as OMBOLD and hummel have just now signed an agreement that runs until 2022.

OMBOLD are excited to continue the partnership with hummel, delivering a collection of professional clothing, footwear and equipment to the national homeless football team, which the likes of DBU’s national football team have also benefitted from.

“Representing the national homeless football team is associated with enormous pride. And it is fantastic that we can continue to offer hummel’s top quality equipment to the national homeless football team players, so they’re given the best chance to perform and succeed. They deserve it, as representatives for the most disadvantaged groups in Denmark, who are fighting addiction, homelessness, mental health issues, loneliness and isolation,” says OMBOLD’s director, Martin S. Pedersen.

The joy of having hummel’s logo being part of the future national homeless football team is also shared by hummel.

“Here at hummel, we’re proud of the extension and continued collaboration with OMBOLD. hummel’s vision of creating positive change in the world through sport fits perfectly with OMBOLD’s goals and support of the national homeless football team,” explains Allan Vad Nielsen, hummel CEO.

Collaboration is more than a clothing sponsorship

The partnership is about more than just clothing, footwear and equipment. An important aim of the new agreement is to create visibility of hummel and OMBOLD’s shared mission of changing the world through sport, which is connected with a more nuanced view of socially-disadvantaged and homeless people, and uses a number of new joint campaigns and initiatives.

”OMBOLD, with the national homeless football team, have created a community and a safe place for the players, paving the way for positive development for physical and mental health, new friendships and improved quality of life. OMBOLD is a crucial social and inclusive space from everyday challenges and problems, where you can build up feelings of self-worth and purpose when meeting others on an equal footing. Together with hummel, we’re looking forward to focusing on the sport's potential to transform,” says Pedersen.

”The national homeless football team are representatives and role models for all of Denmark’s homeless community, and the team fiercely fights to focus on the positive things that football and sport can do for people. hummel wants to change the world through sport – with a keen focus on team sport – so the collaboration with OMBOLD is important and an obvious match. We're proud that the national homeless football team will be part of our portfolio of teams in the future, and we’re proud about the collaboration with OMBOLD and their skilled and dedicated support of Denmark's homeless community,”adds Vad Nielsen.

Among the initiatives taken in 2020, hummel will launch a joint clothing collection with OMBOLD later in the year, with the profits going towards OMBOLD’s work targeted at socially disadvantaged and homeless people.


OMBOLD is best known for being behind the selection and training of the Danish national homeless football team.The Danish national homeless football team consists of eight players who are selected once a year based on their sporting and social skills from all of the participants of OMBOLD’s activities.Common to all of those selected is that they themselves have struggled with homelessness in one way or another. With football as a platform, and with dedicated and qualified support, the national homeless football team and the players show that they have the resources to work on old habits and patterns of behaviour. And they learn to master the pressures of expectation and dealing with victories and defeats, both on and off the pitch. But OMBOLD is much more than that. OMBOLD hosts local, regional and national training sessions, events, leagues, championships and camps for men and women who are not a part of the traditional sporting world in Denmark, typically following substance abuse, mental health issues or homelessness.