The Danish sportswear brand hummel has signed a new two-year partnership with Amnesty International Denmark to raise awareness of human rights. The agreement begins with immediate effect and will see the two brands stand united in different projects with the overall goal of raising money to the renowned NGO’s work for a better world. 

Playing football with your friends. Falling in love with the person you want. Being able to say exactly what’s on your mind. Luckily, most people take these things for granted. But for others, they are the stuff of dreams.

Across the globe, millions of people still experience violations of human rights as part of their daily life. And instead of just sitting on the sidelines, the Danish sportswear brand hummel has once again decided to speak up for fairness and equality, signing a two-year partnership with Amnesty International Denmark.

“Our purpose is to move the world forward through the power of sport, and as one of the oldest sportswear brands in the world, we know that it requires a solid team effort to create positive change in sport as well as in life. That’s also why, we’ve teamed up with Amnesty International Denmark for the next two years to support our vision of changing the world through sport,” says Allan Vad Nielsen, hummel CEO.

To mark the new partnership, hummel and Amnesty have designed an exclusive lifestyle collection based on Amnesty’s black and yellow colours, and where the logo is a combination of the sports brand’s iconic bumblebee and Amnesty’s well-known barbed wire.

All profits from the new lifestyle collection will be donated directly to Amnesty’s work for a just world.

“We believe that we can only make a difference if we stand united as one team, and we hope that people from all over the world want to be our teammates in this fight. In close collaboration with Amnesty, we have designed this unique lifestyle collection that aims to bring us even closer together and send a clear signal to the world that we will stand united in the fight for human rights,” says Allan Vad Nielsen.

Long-standing commitment

The Danish sportswear brand has a long, proud tradition of supporting organisations, projects, clubs, and people who, through sport, fights to make a difference in the world around them. This has led to numerous campaigns throughout the years with focus on both LGBTI+ rights, equality, and oppression of women.

“Now more than ever, we must stand up together for human rights – and with hummel’s commitment to changing the world through sport, and their long-standing commitment to equality, they are a natural partner for Amnesty International Denmark. We are very much looking forward to bringing our shared values into play in future campaigns to protect and advocate human rights,” says Vibe Klarup, Director of Amnesty International Denmark.

Besides donating all profits from the new and specially designed lifestyle collection, hummel will also be donating 1% of its online revenue for the rest of 2022 to Amnesty International Denmark.

However, this is only the beginning as the two brands already have several exciting projects in the pipeline with the overall goal of raising money to Amnesty’s work for equal playing fields for all.

“For us, sport is more than winning at all costs and through detailed research and determined campaigning, we want to help fight abuses of human rights worldwide. Whatever we do, we do with conviction, and by being optimistic and knowing the power of sport, we see endless possibilities to apply this power and push people forward with action. We’re not afraid to take a stand and speak up, and together with Amnesty International Denmark, we intend to keep fighting for human rights,” concludes Allan Vad Nielsen.

The specially designed hummel x Amnesty lifestyle collection will be available from the start of October via hummel.net.