The Danish sports brand hummel turns 100 and marks their anniversary together with DBU by relaunching the iconic away jerseys from the 1986 World Cup. This is the first time the away jersey has been reprinted, and as a celebration of hummel, the national team will wear the jersey for the European Championship qualifier against Northern Ireland on June 16th in Parken.

”We are red, we are white, we are Danish Dynamite.”

The Danish Roligans and the national team mesmerised an entire nation during the 1986 World Cup, and for the tournament in Mexico, the Danish players sported one of the most iconic national team jerseys in history.

Soon, the memories are brought to life again when the players Morten Olsen, Preben Elkjær and Michael Laudrup are swapped for today’s national team stars such as Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, Rasmus Højlund and Mohamed Daramy.

As part of hummel’s 100th anniversary celebrations, the iconic away jersey from the 1986 World Cup will be reprinted for the first time and to celebrate DBU’s long-standing kit sponsor, the men’s national team will wear the shirt for the European Championship qualifier against Northern Ireland on June 16th in Parken.

”In many ways, the World Cup in Mexico cemented its place in Danish football history, and although the eye-catching 86-jersey divided opinions at the time, it has since achieved great recognition and won several international awards as one of the most iconic designs of all time. That’s why we think it’s only natural to honour it together with DBU as part of our 100-year celebration,” says hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen.


The match against Northern Ireland marks the beginning of a bigger anniversary campaign from hummel, as later this year the 86-jersey will be distributed to several of hummel’s professional sponsor clubs.

DBU’s Director of Football, Peter Møller, is very excited that hummel and DBU can jointly kick-start the celebration of one of the most iconic national team jerseys in history.

”We love all national team jerseys - because they show the pride of playing for the Danish national football team. The jersey from the ‘86 World Cup is very special and has been voted one of the best, numerous times. Therefore, we are also incredibly happy that we can send our national team onto the pitch against Northern Ireland wearing the 86-jersey, reviving the Danish fans’ memories and marking our kit sponsor’s 100th anniversary,” says Peter Møller.

As part of the jersey launch, hummel is also bringing back the short national team shorts from 1986. The shorts will be available to all Danish football fans, but they will not be in action against Northern Ireland.

”The short shorts from ’86 were in many ways the symbol of one of the most popular national teams of all time, and therefore we think it would be wrong to relaunch the jersey without bringing the shorts back to life. It’s something we’ve received many requests for over the years, and now was the right time to do it,” concludes Allan Vad Nielsen.

In addition to the away jersey and the short shorts, hummel is also relaunching the legendary purple goalkeeper jersey from the World Cup in Mexico, and the iconic tracksuit as part of the collection