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Welcome to the hummel family, LykkeLiga

LykkeLiga is a true success story in Danish sports. Created through the joy and happiness of sport and team spirit. 


LykkeLiga is grounded in the joy and happiness of sport and team spirit. Driven by passionate souls who fight tirelessly to provide ALL children with the opportunity to play sport and feel the joy of being part of a team.

For this reason, it was also a given when hummel® initiated contact with the passionated people behind LykkeLiga a couple of years ago and immidiately after decided that it was a grassroot project we simply had to support and help develop. In the early years of the collaboration, hummel® had the honour of placing their logo, chevrons and t-shirts on the LykkeLiga players.

 In 2019, we took the collaboration to the next level. In collaboration with the LykkaLiga management, hummel developed ideas, campaigns and initiatives that created even more awareness and visibility for the LykkeLiga players, teams and volunteers.By doing this, we helped even more children experience the sheer happiness and pride attached to being part of a team.



LykkeLiga was started by former national team player Rikke Nielsen, who dreamed of her daughter, Magda, having the same opportunity of experiencing the unique team spirit that drives a handball team. As Magda has Down’s syndrome, it wasn’t easy to find a team suited for her.

So, Rikke decided to take matters into her own hand – starting not just a team but a whole league for children who need a little extra help when playing team sports. Rikke's initiative hit that sweet spot of something that was both wanted and needed.

Today, LykkeLiga consists of 620 amazing players based in more than 45 clubs throughout Denmark. And the team spirit isn't just flourishing on the track but also amongst the many parents, volunteers and supporters, who daily nurture the fighting spirit and joy of life both on and off the pitch.

The daily happiness created for the many players and their families was recognised in 2019 when LykkeLiga won "The People's Sports Prize". Outstanding and well deserved! LykkeLiga really is something special. It has also gained attention in other countries, which graduately have shown more interest in what has made this little, private initiative a joy-spreading handball success in record time.