Danish national team jersey 2023

The new Danish national team jersey celebrates the greatest sporting moment in DBU's and hummel's shared history

The Danish sportswear brand hummel hits the 100 years mark and celebrates this together with DBU by launching a new national team jersey. The jersey is inspired by the sensational victory at the European Championship in 1992, which marks the biggest sporting result in both hummel's and DBU's history.

June 26, 1992 will forever be printed in the memory of Danish football fans. Making the impossible possible, Denmark became European Champions with a 2-0 win again Germany. A triumph that not only became the greatest achievement ever for Danish national team football, but also facilitated the recognition of the team’s kit sponsor, hummel, as a world-renowned sports brand.

This year, hummel turns 100. As a celebration of the anniversary and the year-long collaboration with DBU, the partners have designed a new national team jersey featuring strong references to their greatest shared experience of all time - namely the sensational victory at the Euros in 1992.

For DBU's football director Peter Møller, it sparks great excitement that the Danish national team will now wear a remake of one of the most iconic jerseys in DBU's and hummel's shared history.

"hummel has a completely unique place in Danish national team football, and we are very proud that we can help celebrate their 100th anniversary by playing in one of the most iconic national team jerseys of all time," says Peter Møller and continues:

"The Euros from 92 is the benchmark for Danish national team football. It is our driving force and ambition to stand with the trophy, as we did then. The jersey evokes strong memories in all football lovers. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to bringing back the emotions and hopefully creating new and memorable moments together with hummel and the Danes wearing the new jersey.”

A piece of Danish sports history

hummel director Allan Vad Nielsen is excited and proud to be able to celebrate both the anniversary and the historic achievement from ‘92.

"We are very proud to be able to present the new Danish national team jersey, which is a tribute to the absolute greatest sporting moment in our 100-year history," says hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen, and elaborates: "There is no doubt that the jersey from '92 has a very special place in the history of both hummel and DBU, and we hope that the new national team jersey will bring back memories for the Danish football fans and give them the opportunity to wear a piece of Danish sports history in a new and modernized version.”

The jersey, which will be worn for the first time at the European Championship qualifier against Finland on March 23 in Parken Stadium, sports several design elements inspired by the iconic jersey from ’92 – including the characteristic red and white stripes on the sleeves. The European Championship qualifier is the first step on the way to qualifying for the Euros in Germany in 2024, where perhaps a new sensation might be waiting. 

The new Danish national team jersey is already available at landsholdsshoppen.dk.