Danish women's national team jersey 2023

women's national team jersey
women's national team jersey

Popular art form inspires the design of the new World Cup jersey for Denmark's women's national team

The Danish sportswear brand hummel and DBU have unveiled the new World Cup jersey for the women’s national team, which draws inspiration from pop art and celebrates the Danish women as superheroes. The players will debut the jersey in Friday's friendly against Sweden.

As the Danish women's national team gears up for Friday's friendly against Sweden, the players will be sporting a brand-new national team jersey.

The match against Sweden will mark the first time that the Danish women's national team wears their new jersey, which is set to be worn during this summer’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. As a result of a collaboration between DBU and hummel, the jersey draws inspiration from pop art and aims to celebrate the players as superheroes.

"There is no doubt that we are incredibly proud of the Danish women's national team, and we are proud to be able to present a new national team jersey that they will be wearing for the biggest football tournament in the world," says hummel CEO Allan Vad Nielsen and continues:

"The jersey is unlike any other national team jerseys we have seen before. Together with DBU, we have created a design that pays tribute to the women players as superheroes, and we have taken inspiration from a wild pop art style to create something truly eye-catching. We believe that this jersey emphasizes just how cool the Danish women are, and we can’t wait to see them wearing the jersey on the pitch.”

Originating in England and the USA during the mid-1950s, pop art is a visual arts movement that draws inspiration from the world of consumer and popular culture, particularly mass-produced images such as advertisements and cartoons. DBU and hummel's latest jersey design takes cues from this movement, with comics serving as a key source of inspiration.

Peter Møller, the football director of DBU, is excited about the new national team jerseys that pay homage to the Danish players.

"As the women's national team continues to make remarkable progress, they have truly captured the hearts of the Danes, both on and off the field. That's why we're delighted to partner with hummel in designing a jersey that celebrates these talented athletes as role models. We hope this jersey will inspire the team to another exceptional performance in the upcoming World Cup and create unforgettable football moments for all Danish fans,” says Peter Møller.

The new Danish national team jersey is already available at landsholdsshoppen.dk and at selected Danish retailers.