Looking for new football boots for your children?

Are the kids ready for a new football season? Let's guide you on your way to find the best football boots for your children.

All our football boots are inspired by our strong sports DNA, and many of the boots have references taken from older models. The different models are designed to all fit all types of football courts and are available in a large selection of colours. So which model should you choose for your child?

You must choose a boot based on the surface on which it will be used.


If your child is going to play on grass, a pair of FG boots is needed. FG stands for firm ground. An FG boot is important when playing on grass, because it helps ensure a good foothold with a secure grip to the surface.



Our football boot TOP STAR is a good FG boot. With elastic laces and Velcro, the boot ensures a fit that suits everyone. The padded edge helps to provide increased comfort, so that your child is always ready on the pitch.

The TOP STAR model comes in four different colours.

Different surfaces

We also offer MG boots. MG stands for multi ground, which means different ground. An MG football boot works best on artificial grass or very short grass. The design of the outsole is unique because it helps to ensure a good grip on the ground - no matter the type of court.


If you are looking for a football boot that works on several different surfaces, we would recommend our HATTRICK boot. Special for HATTRICK is that it has a wide Velcro band that helps to adapt the boot to the foot. This adaptation provides increased comfort so that your child can give the best and have a good match on the field.

The HATTRICK model comes in four different colours.



Our TOP STAR indoor football boot can be used for all kinds of indoor sports. With a soft artificial leather upper, elastic laces, Velcro closure and a soft mesh lining, truly everything has been done to ensure comfort.

The TOP STAR is designed with punched-out details and prints on the upper, while the TPR outsole makes the boot extra robust and durable.

THE TOP STAR IN.JR model comes in four different colours.


On all models, the insole is easy to remove, and the so-called "FitZone" can be used as a guide to find the perfect fit for your child's foot.



Children use their football boots a lot during a season, and therefore it is important to take good care of the boots. Here are our tips on how to easily maintain your children's football boots:

- Rinse the football boots after each use

- Remove dirt using a soft brush

- Remove the insole and allow the boots to dry completely before putting them away

- Make sure the Velcro parts are clean to ensure full functionality on the pitch.