hummel x Willy Chavarria

We have joined forces with the New York and Copenhagen-based high-fashion menswear designer Willy Chavarria to create one of the most striking collaborative apparel concepts to date.

WE #5683 RIFA

Celebrating connectivity throughout, the collection identifies soccer as a global unifier transcending race and classe and presents a captivating concept collection. 

Running alongside the WILLY X HUMMEL collab will be the global campaign SPREAD THE 5683, supporting the livesand dignity of immigrants living in the United States. 

The number 5683 (LOVE) represents hummel, Willy, and RIFA's shared effort in creating and sharing a more embracing and tolerant tone within the current global immigration debate. To help create a more positive, respectful and inclusive integration of immigrants and refugees. 

The WILLY CHAVARRIA X HUMMEL collab is a true testament to both hummel's proud soccer heritage and the power of the sport in improving the lives of future generations. Bulding bonds. Not walls.


Once again, hummel® joins forces with Mexican/American designer, Willy Chavarria, to present a second collaboration inspired by the #5683 – the overriding message of LOVE. Following the commitment to connect immigrants and refugees all over the world through sports, the second installment of hummel’s collaboration seeks to target everyone – connecting the world through the 5683 Connection Project.

The project was created with the goal of utilizing sports as a vehicle to connect people across nationalities, religions, believes and differences – battling an increasingly omnipresent loneliness. 


Willy Chavarria and hummel boldly take on SPRING/SUMMER 2020 with a third collaborative sports/fashion apparel collection emphasizing respect for humanity.

This time with a focus on BROTHERHOOD – still heavily inspired by the game of football, we see a uniform which can be considered a part of our new world order in which we all share. A sustained happiness through the good of others.

It is easy to recognize the collab’s signature oversized styling with drop shoulder t-shirts and a giant puffer jacket that is as light as a feather. A striking palette of vivid cyan and radiant orange against a neutral tan colored base. Silhouettes are clean and welcoming to both genders. The 5683 logo has carried through from the first season as the numeric correspondence to the English keypad for L-O-V-E.