The Danish fashion brand BLS Hafnia has in collaboration with hummel designed a new Danish national team shirt, which will be worn by the players for the friendly match against Serbia on March 29. The shirt pays tribute to the new generation and will be part of a larger lifestyle collection from hummel, BLS Hafnia, and DBU.

When Thomas Delaney, Joakim Mæhle, Jonas Wind and the rest of the Danish national team enter the pitch for the friendly match against Serbia on March 29 at Parken Stadium, they will be wearing a new and unique national team shirt.

As part of a larger collaboration between hummel, DBU and the Danish fashion brand BLS Hafnia, the players will wear a specially designed national team shirt that pays tribute to the new generation of young diverse Danes, who are forging careers in life and within football.

“Football is an inclusive community, and no matter where you’re from in the country, your background and your finances, the national team has always been possible, as long as you have worked hard. And the belief that hard work pays off, even if you are an underdog, is a message that we wish to convey with the new national team shirt, " says Besnik Miftari, founder and creative director of BLS Hafnia, and continues:

"We want to show that the new generation is not afraid to dream big. We believe that diversity and inclusion are a strength, and it helps us to develop when differences meet. At the same time, we want to highlight the idea of ​​standing together as a team and a country. This applies both in the world and on the football pitch.”

The new national team shirt, which is white and consists of a monogram where the three logos from hummel, DBU and BLS Hafnia meet in a common thread, is inspired by the iconic Denmark designs from 1986 and 1992.

“The collaboration between hummel and BLS brings together the best of two worlds: hummel as the established player in Danish football and BLS as an important representative of growth layer and minorities. It’s all about representation, diversity and not least the feeling of unity. And together with BLS and DBU, we’re proud to pay tribute to the new generation with a specially designed national team shirt,” says Allan Vad Nielsen, CEO of hummel.

The match worn Danish national team shirts from the game against Serbia will subsequently be auctioned. All money raised will be donated to the DBU Get2 Football Schools with the aim of supporting local football clubs in vulnerable residential areas to give more children an opportunity to become part of the football community.

Lifestyle collection embraces the community

Besides the new national team shirt, hummel, DBU and BLS Hafnia have also designed a larger lifestyle collection that aims to extend beyond the 90 minutes on the pitch and in the stands. The collection appeals to the new generation and includes everything from hoodies and tracksuits to caps and flip flops.

“At hummel, we believe that the team is stronger than the individual, and the same goes for BLS. Therefore, we were in no doubt that we wanted to collaborate with BLS, as their urban roots combine diversity, fashion, and a love of football," says Morten Lund, Marketing Manager at hummel, and continues:

"BLS has strong credibility, and at the same time they represent an unpretentiousness where they are not afraid to do things their own way. It creates a strong identity and authenticity, which in many ways is reflected in hummel's values. For us, togetherness and community are the essence, and in the world of football, there is no us and them. On the pitch, we’re all fighting for the same goal, and that’s exactly what we want to express with this collaboration.”

The national team shirt and the new lifestyle collection will be available from March 24 on, and at several selected Danish retailers.


BLS Hafnia is a Danish brand based in Copenhagen. It was started by the brothers Besnik and Burim Miftari in 2011 with one T-shirt, which today has developed into full clothing collections, which are sold in over 40 stores across the country. BLS Hafnia became known in the global fashion scene when famous athletes like Lewis Hamilton and Neymar started wearing the brand's hats and caps on the street.


hummel is a Danish sports- and fashion-brand with a history leading back to 1923. hummel designs, produces, and markets sportswear, training wear, equipment and sneakers for adults and children, male and female. Through the four product categories teamsport, footwear, kids, sport lifestyle as well as selected premium co-labs, hummel delivers new styles multiple times during the year with a mix of retro and contemporary trends.