In 2020, Astralis and hummel entered into – what was then described as – a "historic collaboration". With 18 months left of the original agreement, the two Danish brands have now announced a two-year extension and a significant expansion of the agreement.

Kasper Sindt, Commercial Director of Astralis:

“The original agreement with hummel is of major importance to us as a company and as a brand. Until now, the deal has been centred around our official player jerseys and training clothes and we have been very pleased with the way our relationship has developed. The original agreement has been extended until the end of 2025, while at the same time we expand our strategic collaboration to also include our general merchandise collections, including operation of the web shop and sales to the B2B and B2C markets.”

“The agreement is significant, and in addition to the increased commercial value, it also means that we can focus on what we at Astralis are best at, while we benefit from Hummel's extensive experience and expertise in the development and sale of a wide range of Astralis products. Together we will work for hummel to become a more prominent player in the growing gaming and esports scene through development and operation of activities with fans and gamers as the focus.”

Allan Vad Nielsen, CEO of hummel:

“Over the past year-and-a-half, we have followed the growing ambitions and increased interest in and around Astralis and we are incredibly proud that we have now succeeded in extending the collaboration for another two years. We chose to extend the contract now, 18 months early, as we want to strengthen the bonds between our organisations and brands, to be even better equipped for the coming years of growth.”

“There is no doubt that esports will be a strategic focal point for hummel over the coming years, and Astralis is a key partner in terms of creating lasting success. We see this partnership from an international perspective with a great potential to further develop the market and our dialogue with the fans. With this agreement, we will also operate Astralis' webshop and retail, where we look forward to raising sales further and becoming an even larger part of the growing gaming industry.”

Besides merchandise and commercial activation, the agreement means that hummel will continue to be the official clothing partner of all of Astralis' current and possible future esports teams until at least 2025.

Today, the organisation has active teams in Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Rainbow Six, FIFA and Fortnite. hummel will develop, market and sell Astralis’ official player clothing as well as new lines of merchandise.