Everyone should have the right to play on a real handball court

As for now, there’s only one single handball court in Sierra Leone. We want to help change this fact. Therefore, hummel is donating 1% of the online turnover in December to the HAND project with the aim to establish new handball courts for vulnerable girls all across Sierra Leone.


For most European girls, stepping into a handball court is a matter of course. But that’s not the case for everyone. For girls in Sierra Leone it would be a dream to just play on a real court. A court without stones and gravel. A court with real goals and real sidelines.

We believe that every handball player should have the right to play on a real court. Handball is for everyone and we want to help create the best opportunities for girls in Sierra Leone. Under the headline “FIGHTS THAT MATTER” hummel has decided to donate 1% of the online turnover in December to support the HAND project of establish new handball courts in Sierra Leone levelled with cement, accurate lines and two handball goals

Allan Vad Nielsen, hummel CEO said: “With our mission of changing the world through sport, we’re extremely proud to become a part of this project. Focusing on girls right to do sport and with the aim of creating a handball community where the girls can stand up for themselves and be stronger together, the HAND project fits perfect to the hummel brand.”

“There’s no doubt that what the girls are playing on now is dangerous to their health, and we’re looking very much forward to help create new hope and new opportunities for them to be safe.”    



In 2019 the project of HAND was officially created with the aim of advocating and working for the inclusion of girls in handball activities. HAND teaches girls about the rules of the game, gives out handball equipment and lastly establishes handball clubs where the girls meet regularly and are informally educated in democratic principles and human rights.

The Project Manager for HAND and Olympic gold medalist Josephine Touray said:

“In a country like Sierra Leone, it’s not very easy to be a girl. With HAND we’re trying to educate these girls how to speak up and how to participate in democracy in a peaceful and constructed way. We believe passionately in the power of female inclusion in handball to change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world.”

“I can’t even describe what it would mean to the girls, if they got the chance to play on a real handball court for the first time in their lives. It would mean that people respect their wish to play handball and that they’re seen as a part of the community. Hopefully we can make their dream come true together with hummel.”