Sun. Summer. It’s swimming season. Get your kids ready for splashing around and beachtime fun in hummel swimwear, created for active kids who never sit still. We have a great selection of fab swimwear for kids and babies – available in swimsuits, two-piece sets, shorts and T-shirts.


In addition to needing plenty of sunscreen, you can also protect your child from the sun's strong rays using the right swimwear. At hummel, we have a large selection of swimwear that provides UV40+ protection.

In order for a product to be categorized as UV-protective, it is a requirement today that it carries the CE mark. For our swimwear with UV40+ protection, this means that it meets special EU-regulated requirements for design and testing procedures.

The CE marking indicates that the product is defined as a safety product. Our UV40+ protective swimwear is produced with UV-protective properties in the form of a special knitting method and a treatment on the fabric. In addition, hummel's UV products also have a certain length on the sleeves and legs, so that a larger part of the child's body is covered (the clothing goes over the elbow and under the knee).


Why UV 40+ and not UV50+?

At hummel, we test the material's protective properties against UV radiation according to the European standard EN-13758-1 & 2 (for clothing) and the British standard BS 8466 (for hats). The EN 13758-1 & 2 standard works with a deviation which means that our swimwear will never claim 50+ after use. This means quite practically that the UV protection in the fabric of our swimwear is 50+ from the beginning, but over time it will decrease to UV40+ due to washing and wear. Our swimwear therefore has the highest possible protection according to the given standard.

This official standard is our guarantee that your child can be protected against harmful UVA and UVB rays. All our CE-certified swimwear is marked with a "UV protection" tag, making it easy for you to identify them on our website.

What is CE marking?

The CE marking documents that a manufacturer or brand are compliant with certain requirements for safety, health, and the environment within the relevant product area.

When a product is classified as a personal protective equipment it must be CE marked, as it promises to provide a specific protection - in this case, against UV rays.

Depending on which category the product belongs to, specific requirements are imposed on the design and tests that must be carried out. Design and testing requirements are assessed according to standards: EN-13758-1 and 2 (clothing) as well as the British standard BS 8466 (hats).

Our CE marked swimwear is categorized as UV 40+, while our CE marked hats are categorized as UV 50+. Both UV categorizations are the highest possible according to the standards they have been tested from.


Chlorine, salt water and suncream all get into swimwear, so it is important that the swimwear is rinsed and washed after use.

Swimwear with elastane should always be hand-washed, as the stretchable properties of the material deteriorate with machine washing. We also recommend – regardless of the material – to rinse the swimwear in clean water after each wash. And as a rule, swimwear should always be washed in cold water. Once washed, it is important to not wring the swimwear, but to carefully squeeze the water out, so as to avoid damaging the elasticity. We also recommend that it is hung out to dry rather than being chucked in the tumble dryer.