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Time and again – like nature repeating an endless cycle – we fall, and we get back up again. We dedicate those extra hours that ultimately separate us from the ordinary. That transits us into the extraordinary.

As with nature, it’s in our DNA to repeat ourselves. In the defining moments, repetition is what gives us the extra power needed to succeed. As an individual. As a team. And just like nature releasing its power in a thunderstorm – release your power on the court.



The ALGIZ GG12 offers incomparable energy boost and high performance detailing like no other. Crafted from 100% recycled PET mesh, 100% recycled PET suede and 100% recycled PET laces, these indoor performance shoes offers partly biobased Pebax® Rnew® cushioning as well as extended sidewalls to ensure high support during training and matches. The unique bootie construct adds additional flexibility and support while the semi-transparent multigrain outsole provides superior traction on the court.


Designed to keep you supported throughout training and when you're on the court, the TEIWAZ GG12 technical trainers feature internal heel reinforcements, a multi-directional outsole for advanced court grip and 100% recycled PET mesh upper for enhanced air flow.

Ultimately, TEIWAZ champions functionality and performance offering an outsole crafted from partly biobased Pebax Rnew® foam able to flex under the weight of the player before pushing all the energy back offering extreme bounce and flexibility.


Keep going without interruption with the URUZ. Created with 100% recycled mesh and an Ortholite® recycled insole, the technical performance shoe covers you during training and on the court.

The multi-directional traction outsole keeps you glued in place, while the midsole cushioning, bootie construction and heel reinforcement provides all the support you need when you're giving it your all.