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Copenhagen Pride is hosting WorldPride in 2021 and Pan Idræt is hosting EuroGames the same year. This event is called COPENHAGEN 2021 and will be the biggest and most ambitious LGBTI+ event ever hosted in Denmark.


Most of us reading this are lucky. We never get confronted with homophobia or transphobia. Good for us. Unfortunately, that is only because we happen to live in a corner of the world where brave LGBTI+ heroes, among others, have paved the way for more inclusion and equality. Or at least some of the way – but we'll get back to that. Let's start by getting a few facts straight. A quarter of the world’s population believes that being LGBTI+ should be a crime. And in 68 countries, people with this belief actually make the laws and have labeled same-sex love a felony.

But intolerance also rears its ugly head in the West. For instance, within sports, where one out of five LGBTI+ individuals have experienced homophobia or transphobia. And that’s why COPENHAGEN 2021 is so important.



COPENHAGEN 2021 is the happy marriage between two major celebrations of inclusion and equality: WorldPride and EuroGames. And hummel is joining the party! Not only do we donate 1% of all online sales to the LGBTI+ cause, we are also proud sponsor of COPENHAGEN 2021. Or OPENHAGEN as we like to call it.

Ultimately, OPENHAGEN is not a geographical term. It's the name of a dream. A dream of a better world in which everybody's welcome. So, get ready to join the party – and let’s experience the power of celebration TOGETHER. The more we are and the louder we get, the stronger the message we send to the world. The fight for inclusion should not be fought by the excluded alone. We must all fight for tolerance and openness. We must all become citizens of OPENHAGEN.

Chief Executive at hummel, Allan Vad Nielsen, states: “We are very excited about partnering with Copenhagen 2021. WorldPride and EuroGames will not only be the biggest event ever hosted in our country but the most important. In the wake of an unprecedented pandemic and a global call for concise actions supporting diversity and equality, Copenhagen 2021 is a paramount catalyst for inclusion and celebration this summer. This goes hand in hand with the hummel mission, values and spirit. As an iconic Danish brand with a philosophy anchored in the power of sport and positive change, we are very proud to have this opportunity to support the LGBTI+ community, to learn and build from the experience and to welcome Pride participants and EuroGames athletes to Copenhagen and Malmö.”

In addition to the merchandise range, official apparel will be produced for the 3,000 volunteers being recruited to help deliver the event.

The Chief Executive of Copenhagen 2021, Katja Moesgaard, elaborates:

“With hummel’s commitment to changing the world through sport, and their long-standing commitment to equality demonstrated through their support for campaigns against homophobia in football, and their innovative rainbow jersey campaign at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, they are a natural partner for Copenhagen 2021. Across Copenhagen and Malmö residents and visitors alike won’t be able to miss our team in their eye-catching hummel Copenhagen 2021 kit, and we are sure their high quality and distinctive range will be a hit with the LGBTI+ community here and abroad.”

For more information visit WorldPride & EuroGames - Copenhagen 2021 or download the official app here.


With this collection, we celebrate LOVE. DIVERSITY. INCLUSIVITY. OPENESS. Not just for COPENHAGEN 2021 - but forever. Spreading the importance. The message. Each and every single day. All around the world. All of us. Through voices, clothing, and celebrations.


For DROP 1, we celebrate LOVE. In its completely deep, mind-wrecking, butterfly-tumbling essence. Because the one you love - is the one you love. Simply as that.


DROP 2 emphasizes the severe importance of OPENNESS within sports. Highlighting the clear-cut no-tolerance for the prevalent discrimination that we as a heritage sports brand places all and everything on battling. Because the fight for inclusion should not be fought by the excluded only. At hummel we LOVE diversity in sport. And in life. As we’re all citizens of OPENHAGEN.

That’s also why you’ll spot tie-dye throughout this drop. Because as every one of us isn’t, then (naturally) our socks and shirts aren’t identical either. That’s how it should be.


DROP 3 seeks to represent everyone. Comprising every single flag from the LGBTI+ community. Because there’s (always) room for all of us. No matter who you are - we salute you. BE PROUD. AND BE LOUD. Alongside the rest of us. To speak up matters.