hummel boosts its commitment to changing the world through sport, pledging to donate 1% of its online turnover to FIGHTS THAT MATTER.

hummel’s mission is to “CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT”, which the company strives to make a reality through its involvement in various projects and causes on a wide variety of fronts.

But now, hummel is taking its ambition to support change-makers working with relevant causes and projects one step further: The company has decided to donate 1% of its online turnover to individuals and associations working in different ways to make the world a better place for everyone.

Growth ambitions will lead to additional important karma projects

Asked to hummel’s karma ambitions for the future, CEO Allan Vad Nielsen said: “Under the headline ‘FIGHTS THAT MATTER’, we will start selecting even more projects that match our ambition to change the world through sport and which need extra funding to reach more people with their positive message and get their activities off the ground.”

“This new initiative comes as a natural extension to our other karma projects, and with the growth ambitions we have just announced in connection with our strategy up to 2023, I firmly believe that the new 1% initiative will end up providing a significant amount of funding to important causes,” Nielsen added.

A continuing fight for Afghan girls’ right to play football

The first project to benefit from the 1% funding pool is Girl Power, an organisation founded by Afghan football pioneer Khalida Popal. Khalida has fought tirelessly for the right of Afghan women to play football. She is the former captain of the Afghan women’s football team, as well as a leader in the fight for Muslim women’s right to play sport. Khalida started getting death threats in 2011, which forced her to flee her home country and leave her team behind. Now living in Denmark, Khalida continues to fight for what she believes in, and her organisation, Girl Power, deserves all the support it can get in its continuing efforts to combat discrimination and promote women’s rights.

Combating homophobia and promoting equality with the Berlin Bruisers

Another project that hummel is thrilled to support with funding from its 1% initiative is the Berlin Bruisers, a rugby club based in Germany’s capital. The club has its roots in Berlin’s LGBT+ scene, but as its aim is to promote and celebrate diversity, it’s naturally open to everyone. Based on a love for sport and team spirit, the club fights to encourage acceptance and tolerance across sexuality, religion and nationality. The team has launched the initiative “Challenging Stereotypes”, the aim of which is to promote tolerance and teamwork among 12 to 14-year-old schoolchildren through the game of rugby.

hummel plans to select relevant and important causes and projects that could benefit from the 1% of its turnover from online sales on an ongoing basis.