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About hummel video


Listen to hummel owner and chairman, Christian Stadil, tell briefly and in his own unique way about the history of hummel and how he and the rest of the hummel management managed to revive a brand from 1923. 

Below we take a trip down memory lane and give you a run down of the exciting history of hummel International.

1923 - the beginning


After having watched a football match in the pouring rain young shoemaker Albert Messmer develops one of the first football cleats the world has ever seen. In the aftermath he founds the company Messmer & Co. with his brother Michael Ludwig Messmer in the Hamburg suburb of Eppendorf.


Messmer & Co. sends out their first catalogue offering everything from hiking boots to medicine balls and bathing caps.

    The 1930's


    Due to bankruptcy the Messmer brothers have to let go of their company which is taken over by their lawyer Hermann Christian Knibbe and his two business partners, Jürgensen and Tigges.

    The 1940's


    The company suffers heavy bombing by the allies at the end of World War II. Viktoriastraße where the company is located is literally swept off the city map.


    hummel reopens in the new premises outside Hamburg. They now produce football boots, handball shoes and skates.

    The 1950's


    Bernhard Weckenbrock from Kevelaar near the border to Holland acquires hummel and moves the production to southern Germany.

    The 1960's


    This year sees the signing of hummel’s first ever sponsorship contract with handball club Grün Weiss Dankersen. GWD Minden, as the club is called today, is still sponsored by hummel making the co-operation one of if not the longest in sports history.


    hummel signs its first sponsorship deal with football club, MSV Duisburg, from the 2nd German Bundesliga.


    hummel launches its first collection of sportswear. Promotional sponsorship helps sales and the company enjoys massive success. Later that year the hummel logo, the first bumblebee logo is created.

    The 1970s

    hummel comes to Denmark


    hummel is sold in most European countries – and in Bahrain, where an Arab emir suddenly needs shoes worth 250.000 Deutschmark from one day to the other. In the world of football, hummel signs its first major sponsorship deal with Werder Bremen.


    Jørgen Vodsgaard and Max Nielsen found VN Sport ApS to market hummel products in Denmark.


    hummel signs Danish star forward Henning Jensen who has just moved to the major European club Real Madrid from Borussia Mönchengladbach.


    hummel signs its first sponsorship contract with the Danish Football Association.

    The 1980's


    Jørgen Vodsgaard and his business partners become owners of hummel. The company is now 100% Danish


    hummel’s tracksuit is selected as the tournament’s most attractive at the European Championships in 1984 when Denmark reaches the finals for the first time


    The playing kits for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico are presented at a grand show which is shown live in the evening news on the sole Danish television channel, Danmarks Radio, at the time. National team players Morten Olsen, Per Frimann and Frank Arnesen are presented on stage wearing a striped playing kit that is quickly nicknamed the Carnival suit in the media. The whole charade doesn’t get any smaller when FIFA gets involved by demanding that the Danish National Team wears shorts of only one colour due to TV concerns. The demand for the jersey is huge, which is further strengthened by the fact that the national team performs above all expectations by defeating both Scotland, Uruguay and West Germany before the eternal rival Spain spearheaded by Emilio Butragueño calls it a day for the talented Danish team by crushing them 5-1 in Queretaro.


    hummel has expanded its activities in all of Europe and promotes itself through sponsorships in major European clubs. Among these Tottenham Hotspurs, Norwich, Hontved Budapest, Verona, Feyenoord and the Danish, Swedish and the Norwegian national teams.


    hummel signs a sponsorship deal with mighty Real Madrid – and with the club’s biggest star Danish nightmare, Emilio Butragueño. The deal sees the sale of hummel products hit the roof.

    The 1990's


    The Danish national football team wins the European championship – wearing hummel. Since Denmark hasn’t qualified regularly and is admitted only 10 days before the tournament starts at the expense of former Yugoslavia heavily marked by civil war problems concerning delivery of playing kits to the team arise. In accordance with the unexpected success of the Danish national team sports stores across the country are ripped of the national team jerseys.


    The Danish women’s national handball team wearing the hummel chevrons is crowned Olympic champions in Atlanta after a thrilling final against Korea.


    hummel introduces its fashion wear based on a re-launch of old tracksuit designs from the 1970es. The clothes are an instant and huge success and helps form the retro wave that runs across the fashion world in the years to come.

    The 2000's


    hummel’s popularity rises to new heights when international celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Robbie Williams and Jessica Simpson take a liking to and start wearing the Danish brand. 


    Wearing a retro-inspired jersey, the 15th national team jersey from hummel, the Danish national football team does really well in the first three preliminary games at the World Cup in Japan and Korea. The reigning world champions from France are beaten before the England puts an end to the Danish delight in the 2nd phase of the tournament. 


    hummel celebrates its 25th anniversary as apparel sponsor of the Danish Football Association. The Olympic games in Athens turn out a huge success for the Danish company – not only does the whole Danish Olympic delegation wear apparel and footwear but when the Danish royal family shows up wearing the hummel chevrons – an appearance that is later compared to having copyright on the Holy Bible itself by leading international communication experts in terms of PR value. More success follows in August 2004 when Sportswear International selects hummel “best athletic women’s collection”.


    hummel enjoys an excellent start to 2005 when the company is named ”Sportswear Brand to Watch 2005” by probably the most recognized trend and lifestyle agency, Worth Global Style Network.


    hummel owner Christian Stadil receives the HBH award 2006 for personal branding and untraditional marketing.


    hummel kicks off the year of 2007 in the best way possible by winning the Global Sportstyle Award for Premium Winterstyle Fashion. At the men's handball World Cup hummel sponsors no less than 7 national teams and 65 individual players as part of the company's extensive 'Back in Black' campaign. hummel team Poland makes it all the way to the final where they are defeated by hosts Germany in a thrilling encounter. 


    In January 2008, hummel launches the Characters handball campaign in connection with the men’s handball European Championships in Norway. Besides equipping the Polish and Montenegrin team hummel has footwear contracts with some of the biggest names in handball – among these four players from the Danish national team that later wins the title. A few months later hummel team AaB wins the Danish Superliga championship for the first time since 1999. In August, the newly crowned Danish champions gain access to the Promised Land - the UEFA Champions League - by defeating FBK Kaunas 4-0 on aggregate. In the group phase they square up against mighty Manchester United, Scottish champions Celtic FC and 07/08 Spanish La Liga runners-up Villareal CF and manage to make it to the UEFA Cup through a 3rd place finish.


    No fewer than 93 players and 4 different national teams wear hummel footwear and apparel at the men’s handball World Cup in Croatia in January. The same event sees the pre-launch of the company’s biggest handball campaign to date – The Unusual Characters. Just prior to the tournament hummel signs one of the best handballers in the world and later world champion, Daniel Narcisse aka Air France. With him on board a ship already consisting of other world class players such as Danes Mikkel Hansen and Lars Christiansen, Macedonian Kiril Lazarow (World Cup top goalscorer), Germans Oliver Roggisch and Jogi Bitter alongside Polish playmaker Grzegorz Tkaczyk, the hummel handball ship is on a steady course from the very beginning of the year. Coinciding with the streetdate of the Indoor 2010 collection, sees the ligt of day in August. The site is designed not only to highlight the great abilities and on court performancves by the array of hummel sponsored handballplayers but also to show them from a more personal angle displaying their true CHARACTER

    The 2010's


    Fashion footwear campaign, PlayStadil, is launched in February coinciding with the street date of the hummel Fashion Footwear spring-summer 2010 collection. Later that same year, hummel enters into an agreement with one of the biggest bands in the world, The Black Eyed Peas, and their partner RETH¿NK to support The E.N.D. World Tour 2010. This is the kick-off of hummel's big recycling campaing which will kick off at the men's handball World Cup in Sweden in January 2011.

    October 10th is another significant date for hummel as Sierra Leone draw 0-0 against South Africa wearing their special edition jersey for the first time. Later that month the Afghan's women's national football team defeats a team of female NATO soldiers 1-0 in a historical match that attracts worldwide media attention. 


    Wearing hummel's Rebel Recycled shoes - partly made from recycled plastic bottles - Danish starlet Mikkel Hansen becomes top goalscorer at the men's handball World Cup in Sweden netting no less than 68 times and dashing out an impressive 34 assists - enough to earn him a spot in the tournament's All Star team. In May, Hansen and his teammates from AG København team become Danish champions in front of more than 36.000 spectators in Parken Stadium. As of 1st of June hummel signs Rot Weiss Oberhausen from the 2nd German Bundesliga and the following month sees Team Saxo Bank sport hummel chevrons at the Tour de France. 1st of December hummel announces a 5 year deal with Norwegian top team, Brann. 


    At the men's handball European Championships in Serbia, no less than 53 players wear hummel's 2012 top shoe, Rebel Karma - among these 9 Danes who end lifting the trophy. Even better, for each goal scored by these 53 players a Karma Kit consisting of 10 training bibs, 1 handball, 1 football, 1 pump and 1 bag are shipped out to charity organisations across the world according to the players' choice. In total, an impressive 610 Karma Kits are generated during the tournament and displayed via a global Facebook application that runs throughout the event. 

    In the wake of the men's European Championships in Serbia, hummel's worldwide Karma United campaign is launched the aim of which is to improve the world through sport.