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The World’s First Derby

...Between Sheffield FC and Hallam FC, the two oldest football clubs in the world Since 1860, on Boxing Day December 26th, the two oldest football clubs in the world celebrate the first ever inter-city football match, the mother of all derbies. Back then it was Sheffield FC against its local rival Hallam FC, the Countrymen.   On Saturday July 27th 2013, these two local amateur rivals will again have a head to head meeting at the Sheffield FC Stadium – home of football – where they will celebrate the original values of football: Integrity, Respect and Community.   The entire day will be centred around remembering and cherishing the first pioneers and true values of football, giving the fans and media, travelling to the hyped event from all over the world, a full, great day in the name of football! The event will also mark the beginning of a new collaboration, since, as of July 27th, hummel will become official partner and kit supplier of The World’s First Football Club – Sheffield FC and official partner and supporter of the Sheffield Football Club Foundation ‘Protector of Football’. Add-ons to The Derby… In addition to the main Derby, there will be a pioneer match, where veterans of Sheffield FC and Hallam FC celebrate football dressed in the old heritage style, a football meets music match where celebs, legends of Sheffield football, fans and local heroes all play together, a tea time event where the successful ladies of Sheffield FC is given tribute and the day is rounded off with a splendid after party at the Coach & Horses Pub. All of this will be wrapped in a feeling of retro and heritage, as all the fans, guests and visitors are invited to dress like old fashion ladies and gentlemen.  You can read much more about the event and buy your tickets online now at A little bit of History This “Gentlemen’s Game” is considered the oldest still-contested derby of any football code in the world, and is probably one of the oldest organised team-sport derbies in the world, besides those found in cricket. The match was originally first played on the oldest football ground in the World, the Hallam Pitch at Sandygate Lane in the city of Sheffield.  Football since 1857 – made in Sheffield Founded in 1857, by the two pioneers William Prest and Nathaniel Creswick, Sheffield FC is The World’s First Football Club. Those men dedicated their life to the invention of club football and developed the first set of standardised rules and with that the first corner kick, cross bar, throw-in, free-kick and fouls. Just as important as the invention of the rules was those men’s deep understanding of the game and its true values: Integrity, Respect and Community, as they developed the club to always be and remain Non-Professional, since 1857.   In the following years, the Sheffield FC pioneers enforced the foundation of other football clubs within and outside the city of Sheffield, amongst others they helped to establish the second oldest team in the world, Hallam FC, with whom they live in friendship and share a respectful rivalry on the pitch, playing the game like gentlemen and honourable amateurs.    

SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach & hummel unite and take on FC Bayern München

On Saturday, July 13th, SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach, a club in the German ‘Regionalliga’, made a spectacular introduction of the new hummel kit and newly signed sponsorship agreement, before kick-off in the friendship-match against FC Bayern München! The suspense had been building through the SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach Facebook page during the week leading up to the event, so all of the 10.000 fans filling the Comtech-Arena to bursting point, knew that something unconventional was about to happen. Causing the eyes of renowned football players as Lahm, Müller, Ribéry and Robben to widen, 10 hummel-dressed girls ran onto the field and stripped the SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach players of their new, official, red hummel home jerseys – leaving them to play the match in their white away jerseys. The acceptable result of the friendship-match of 0-6, was given the least attention, as other features of the event stole the many thousand fans‘ attention. For example were 14.000 hummel henna tattoos sticked on all the fans and even on the players, ensuring the feature a place in the Guinness Book of Records, and a grand after-party had also been planned to create the right setting. As a new player on the karma-filled hummel team as of July 1st 2013, SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach joins prominent players such as FC St. Pauli, Karlsruher SC, SpvGG Greuther Fürth and Wacker Burghausen. SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach will aside from the playing kits on the football fields be wearing cool, lifestyle and fashion items from hummel when taking a break from the practice. If you would like to be the lucky owner of a special hummel kit – the new official kit of SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach with all the player-autographs from the friendship-match against FC Bayern München – you should take part in the competition, running on the German hummel Facebook page from Wednesday, July 14th: 
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The Lions of Afghanistan and hummel continue their partnership

Our partnership with the Afghanistan Football Federation has been renewed for another four years from 2015. This means that the Afghan team will be wearing the hummel chevrons during the qualifications for the 2018 World Cup. A brighter future through football The popularity of football is rapidly increasing in Afghanistan, and it has given the Afghan people hope for a brighter future. Together with the Afghan Football Federation we work to create better con­ditions for football in the country and help people understand that sports can be used as a tool for social change and social impact. Henning Nielsen, Chief Marketing Officer at hummel International, is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with AFF: “We are excited to continue working with the Afghanistan Football Federation and the development of football in the country. Afghanistan won the South Asian Football Federation cup in 2013, and hummel are proud to support the team in their 2018 World Cup qualification cam­paign. In 2013 the AFF won the FIFA Fair Play Award for their hard work and dedication to develop football at grassroot level. This is something that’s very close to our hearts. Grassroots football and actively working for kids and adults to participate in sports is closely connected to our Danish values and matches hum­mel’s mission to Change the World through Sport.” Christian Stadil, chairman of the board and owner of hummel, emphasises the dedication of the hum­mel brand to both performance and grassroots football in Afghanistan: “To hummel our engagement and involvement in Afghanistan is a strong example of sport’s ability to create positive change and to tear down cultural, national and religious barriers.” Mr. Keramuddin Karim, President of the Afghanistan Football Federation, says: “After 4 years of excel­lent cooperation with hummel we are proud to announce that we have extended our contract for four more years. hummel has a global reputation for quality and innovation, making them the perfect partner for the Afghanistan Football Federation. We are very proud to have a loyal and sustainable partner like hummel beside us, and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration.” AFF & hummel We have sponsored the Afghanistan Football Federation since 2010 and have from the very early steps been involved in the development of football in Afghanistan. We support all teams in the Afghan Premier League.

Happy little footballers won hummel clothes

Children at this summer’s football schools, by DGI Football, had the opportunity to win hummel clothes worth 10.000 DKK for their football clubs by playing the popular hummel football game. A total of 100.000 DKK were at stake in the competition. One of the winners were Magnus Gårde Jensen who has scored the third most goals and hereby can please his teammates and additional teams from U8 to U12 in the club Smidstrup-Skærup IF with new hummel clothes. “It was a cool game and it was actually hard to hit the holes,” says the young winner, who according to his mom, Nina Jensen, loves all games – “as long as it involves football.”    The competition, which was a part of the collaboration between FANT, hummel and DGI Football, did not only bring joy to the winning children, but has also rendered visible the work of FANT. FANT ”Football For A New Tomorrow” is a humanitarian organisation, which through establishing athletic associations works to create development and change in the former civil war-ravaged West African Republic of Sierra Leone. One of their goals is to create the opportunity for the people to play football and other kinds of sport. By playing hummel’s football game you can be a part of this – if you complete all the different levels with at least one bronze trophy, hummel will, in your name, send a real football to a child in one of the world’s poorest countries, Sierra Leone. Among the many who has completed the special “Sierra Leone field” in connection with the competition, 116 have scored enough goals so that a ball is now send to Sierra Leone in their name.     


hummel sportswear

Established in 1923, hummel has a long history of creating sportswear, an expertise that easily shows in today’s fashion collections with sporty silhouettes and an overall active look. Both defining and defined by the Danish design tradition, hummel works with clean lines, but also with mad love for the edgy look and strong colour combinations; a unique mix of retro and current trends resulting in a cool and urban street style with a sporty twist.

Since 2006, hummel sportswear has also been engaged in fashion footwear, thrilling sneaker freaks all over the world, and today, the hummel’s footwear collections stand as a strong alternative to the convention with a passion for fun and catchy designs and vibrant colours. The collections also reflect hummel’s significant sports heritage drawing on classic sports styles from the brand’s own archives and on the last decades’ street fashion resulting in a distinct and trendy retro look. 

hummel Karma

Throughout the years, hummel sportswear has also initiated and supported several projects focusing on changing the world through sport by sponsorships in poor and war-torn countries; always with the hope to build bridges and help pave the way for a better tomorrow.

For hummel, sport is more than a physical activity. It is a universal language with the strength to eliminate differences in politics, culture, religion and beliefs. We trust that we can make a real change in the world by using sport to create borderless understanding, respect and unity. From Afghanistan to Sierra Leone, hummel support projects that help people live out their passion for sport. In a connected world, we believe this will act as a boomerang of positive change for all of us. 

hummel mobile football game – download the app now!

In 2013, we launched the hummel football game that has received more than 166,000 downloads all over the world so far. The game can be played on your phone or tablet and it’s both easy and fun. hummel football game is part of our karma project, and by completing all the different levels with at least one bronze trophy, we will send a football to a child in Sierra Leone, in your name.

hummel bestsellers

Several times a year, a new collection is launched with new exciting styles which means you can easily mix and match styles from the different hummel collections: sport, lifestyle, fashion and footwear. You can view and buy these items in our online hummel shop.

Whether it’s for leisurewear or workout, this brilliant range of hummel branded sportswear for men, women and kids has something for everyone. We’ve got everything your sporty heart desires, from training tops, base layers for skiing or hiking, stylish fashion items with inspiration from the latest trends or a cute style for your children. If you can’t find your hummel product in our online shop, then check out one of our retailers.

Some of our bestsellers include hummel Slimmer Stadil HighClassic Bee Womens Sweat PantsBaselayer tightsTechnical X Micro Pants and Advanced Indoor Sock.