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Women's sportswear

Choose from our range of clothing utilising the latest technology and cutting edge materials. We’ve got everything from sporty T-shirts, shorts, outerwear, pants, sweats and football shirts to equipment bags and accessories to keep you ladies cool and comfy during your workout.  

Sport outfits and sports apparel for women

If you’re playing football, our selection of tees will almost certainly give you something you need. They come in many vibrant colours and designs and our sports tees are specifically designed for performance in all conditions. Our sports jackets are made with functionality and comfort enough to train in different weather conditions and to stay comfy all the while. Take our soft shells for instance. They’re the ideal outerwear when the seasons are changing and you want something to keep you warm, but not feel overheated.

Spacious sports bags for women

We know how important it is to have a great bag – and not just a good one, it needs to be functional, spacious and preferably good-looking, too. You need room for all your sports equipment, your towel, brush, clothes and accessories. Some of our bags are equipped with a mesh net for your wet or damp clothes after training. 

Designed sportswear for women’s comfort and performance

We have a long heritage of designing sportswear, and we take pride in making the very best there is. Each of our styles are designed with your comfort and performance in mind. That is why we always keep up to date on the newest trends and technologies to be able to give you the very best.