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Girls Footwear - shoes and boots for girls

In our collection you’ll find everything from football boots and performance indoor shoes to on-trend, smart footwear for girls. We value quality, durability and functionality, which is why we use the latest technology and cutting edge materials to keep your little lady’s look super amazing.

Comfortable and durable footwear for girls and babies

Our indoor shoes are great for her active days, whether she likes football, handball or needs a pair for school gym. All our sports shoes are designed with comfort and durability in mind so she can have lots of fun without getting aching feet. Your child needs to have all the traction and support for her feet and ankles on active days, and she’ll get exactly that with this collection. We have a shoe, ballerina and sneaker for every occasion, size and girl.

Sports footwear for girls

If football is her preferred sport, we have a great selection of different football boots or soccer shoes made for different surfaces and with a variety of designs. We have moulded studs, astroturf soles and indoor soles that are suitable for synthetic surfaces, soft ground, wooden surfaces and hard grass.

Colourful hummel design with focus on functionality for girls

Flashy colours and robust designs are key in our production of girl’s footwear, and whether she’s an infant, toddler or a tween, here’s a lot to choose from. Our fashion range contains plenty of sneakers for everyday use and nicer occasions, and she’ll be sure to be extra cool and stylish at school in her hummel. Pair the footwear with anything from our sports or lifestyle collections of tees, pants and outerwear for a fabulous look.