With Football for Change, we support community activists who use football to reach the youth and make a positive change in their lives. We support community-based football initiatives to help provide better access to sport for all young people, reduce inequalities, decrease health issues, improve inclusion and awareness and to create change in communities and groups around the globe. We look for initiatives that inspire young people to be active and to create change, as we know sport can positively affect social skills, happiness, well-being, community-ties, and personal success in life.


What do we offer?   

The winning project of Football for Change receives funding and hummel products. The first prize is a cash grant up to the amount of USD 1500 and hummel products worth up to USD 3000.


Who can apply?

Anyone, anywhere, who meet our basic criteria can apply for support as we believe sport is for all. There are, however, a few criteria you have to meet. The activity or project must:


What is the goal?

Football for Change focuses on four main drivers and goals:


How does it work & how to apply? 
We urge you to submit your football activity to the Football for Change nomination system by clicking on the link above. Simply explain how it makes a difference to young people and how we can support it with football products and/or money.

From all submissions, an employee-led committee at hummel will select three nominations that are found to highlight the four drivers of Football for Change best. The nominated activities are then put up for a public vote, where a winner will be chosen.

All applications must be made through this form here. Entries must be submitted between August 15th and September 1st. A shortlist is then posted for public vote. The winner is contacted directly and communicated on hummel social media channels. An employee-led committee manages the shortlist nomination and implementation of the activity support in the local communities.


If you have any questions contact us at


Change through football 
Football is a sport for the people. But it has much more potential than just as a sport. It has the power to create and enable opportunities and activities. In terms of gender, religion, race, economic or social status, disabilities or age, the passion of sport can be shared by almost everyone. With Football for Change, we support the activists that have the passion, the dream and the big potential. We help people who bring positive change through football, and enable change in communities by being a helping hand to get projects started.  


Terms and conditions

The Football for Change submission of applicant runs from August 15th 2017 until September 1st 2017 at 10 AM.

We will draw three shortlist nominees amongst all participants. These will appear in a public vote hosted by hummel on its selected online platforms. The three shortlist nominees are chosen based on a subjective evaluation by hummel on the project scope, change impact and its connection to football. The first prize is funding and hummel products for one (1) winning initiative (the initiative can be granted cash up to the amount of 1500 USD and hummel products up to 3000 USD in retail prices depending on the project, and the wish and needs of the project). There is only one winner. The winner will be contacted directly via e-mail on September 26th 2017 (or the first weekday thereafter). If we do not hear back from the winner within 3 days after having contacted the winner, the right to the prize ceases to be valid and hummel is free to choose another winner. If the winner does not require the totality of the prize (either cash or products) hummel are free to distribute such to other nominees as they wish.

The first prize is worth a value of 4500 USD and cannot be exchanged for another product. It is a global competition and everyone from 18 years or older can participate in the competition, regardless of nationality.

All participants, shortlist nominees and the first prize winner agree to provide hummel with picture, text and video materials about their initiative and its implementation. These materials are required for hummel media purposes and are subsequently provided with the rights to use them commercially in perpetuity.