The white jersey – the symbol of a new beginning

Tonight the national team will play in white from top to toe. There is no red on the jersey, because tonight the jersey is not a symbol of the Danish flag as usual. It is the symbol of a new beginning. After two missed qualifications it is time to write new tales – and make history once more – and new tales need a blank page, an empty canvas. That is why the jersey is white. It is so white that you can’t even see our logo, because it blends in with the rest. But we don’t care about that. hummel is not just a sponsor. hummel is a fan and therefore it is more important for us that the national team rises again, than for us to flash our logo. If it is also important for you, we think you should wear the white jersey tonight. Especially, if you are going to the stadium, but also if you are watching the game at home. Then you just need to remember to post a photo and show that you are also a part of the new story.

It is time
to write new stories. and make history again.
The jersey is for sale here
STØY, Aarhus

FACTS: Everything on the jersey is white. Only the jersey number has a discreet grey colour. The Danish National Football Team will only play in the jersey once.

Bid on the players' jerseys after the game. The auction starts on Friday.

All proceeds
from the auction
go to
FC Granatchok
A football club for Danish soldiers with war related injuries.