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To sponsor someone is a privilege. If you as we do, share the passion, dedication and belief that sports is more than what meets the eye. Football is more than a game, a jersey is more than a piece of clothing and a goal is more than a ball crossing the goalposts. For this football season hummel has once again chosen to sponsor a series of national teams, clubs as well as individuals. Our sponsorships focus on uniqueness. Unique culture, values and individuals that dare to break conventions in order to reach their goals. We also look for the underdogs - those who rarely win, but where the soul, legacy and dreams are sometimes even bigger. Because for us it about more than providing quality jerseys and equipment – it is about showing our belief in each and every player, team and fan - as we are fellow soulmates in the pursuit of a victorious dream.

For these reasons, and many more, these are the teams, clubs and individuals we want to help step into character and that we are proud to sponsor.




DBU Danish National Team




Founded: 1889
Playing to qualify for the World Cup in 2018
Stadium: Telia Parken (Copenhagen)
Stadium capacity: 38.000
Men’s A-team biggest achievement: European Cup 1992 winner
Women’s A-team biggest achievement: 4 bronze medals in the European Cup

The Danish National Teams organised under the Danish Football Association (DBU) are teams which have seen many great players and have achieved some victorious moments in history.

The red and white stem from a small but united country where fans stand side by side in supporting the Danish men and women. So much so, that the belief and optimism in the Danish Vikings never falters, despite challenging times. Looking back, the historic Roligan movement stems from the men’s successes in the 1980’s, promoting values of happy, cheerful fans that put up a stance against violence.

The Danish National Teams are the embodiment of Danishness and it is therefore a pleasure for hummel to once again be a part of Danish Dynamite, as we were in 1979-2004. 





Founded: 1904
League: 1. Bundesliga – Germany
Stadium: Schwarzwald-Stadion (Freiburg)
Stadium capacity: 24.000
Biggest achievement: Semi Final DFB-Pokal 2013 
Reaching the UEFA Cup 1995 + 2001, Europa League 2013

SC Freiburg have made their way back to the German Bundesliga, and as one of the most popular underdogs in Germany they are returning with a lot of ambitions. But they are not only an ambitious club when it comes to the game.

SC Freiburg are also ambitious in terms of their CSR activities, where they greatly appreciate the support they receive from many of their fan-clubs. So much so, that they have received a Fair-Play ranking and the award of the DFL, which underlines the peaceful and pleasant appearance of SC Freiburg and its fans. The club is just different. Unlike most other clubs, the stadium does not have a VIP area, and the team is only allowed to play with a special permit in its stadium due to the pitch being too small. However, despite all this and their limited resources, the club manages to bring in some really good players.

This ability to work with what they have and their ambitious CSR initiatives, make SC Freiburg a perfect fit with hummel and our mission ‘Change the World Through Sport’. We are proud to be a part of their slightly different concept, and to accompany SC Freiburg on their way.


AFGHANISTAN National Teams




Founded: 1933
Stadium: Ghazi National Olympic Stadium (Kabul)
Stadium capacity: 25.000
Stadium capacity: 38.000
Men’s A-team biggest achievement: 2013 SAFF Championship winner
Women’s A-team biggest achievement:  
Participating in the SAFF Championship

The Afghanistan National Teams organised under the Afghanistan Football Federation have risen and stood strong, despite decades of disorder stemming from war. This has not gone unnoticed as Afghanistan won the 2013 FIFA Fair Play Award, for the ability to develop and nurture football in a country that has faced numerous challenging political situations.

We at hummel have also noticed the strength and immense teamwork that characterises the Lions of Khorasan and are proud to call ourselves their sponsor. The women’s team increasingly earns respect as they pave ways for empowering women across the globe with their Girl Power initiatives, going under the motto: ‘Team work makes the dream work’. In this connection, we recently launched an Afghanistan kit including a hijab – yet another initiative to Change the World Through Sport. We are honoured to be a part of one team, one goal.


Read more about hummel x Afghanistan here.


V-Varen Nagasaki




Founded: 2005
League: J2 League (Japan)
Stadium: Nagasaki Athletic Stadion (Nagasaki)
Stadium capacity: 20.246
Biggest achievement: 2012 Japan Football League winners 

V-Varen Nagasaki was formerly known as Ariake Football Club established in 1985, until they merged with Kunimi Football Club in 2005, implementing the name they are still known by today. V-Varen Nagasaki became champions of the 2012 Japan Football League, promoting them to the J. League Division 2 for the very first time in the history of the club. In 2015 together with hummel, VVN presented two unique Pray for Peace jersey’s to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing in the city of Nagasaki.

This captures the spirit of the club, which is built on values of respect, unity and passion for the game. We are proud to continue our sponsorship with a club that finds importance in raising awareness about maintaining peace for coming generations.


Jeonbuk Hyundai





Founded: 1994
League: K-League Classic
Stadium: Jeonju World Cup Stadion (Jeonju)
Stadium capacity: 42.477
Biggest achievement: 2006 AFC Champions League winners

Jeonbuk Hyundai are the first club from East Asia to win the Asian Champions League, since it was launched in 2003. In addition to this, they have won the Korean FA Cup three times, and are the first K-League team to have participated in the AFC Champions League six consecutive times, making them a very prominent club in Asia.

The green warriors are known for their dedication to their fans, and their contribution to the local community through several CSR activities such as invitations to lower-income families and the raising of global talents. The club strives to bring passion and joy to Jeonbuk, and we at hummel are excited to be a part of that project.


Christiania Sports Club





Founded: 1982
League: KS (Copenhagen League) Division 5
Stadium: Kløvermarkens Idrætsanlæg (København)
Stadium capacity: 20.246
Biggest achievement: Getting promoted to the Copenhagen League

CSC Christiania started out in 1982 in the Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark, with the ambition of being the first football club without membership fees. However, as the club grew, making it hard for things to go around, a small fee was required. Nonetheless, this mentality of going against the more conservative Denmark and having a more unique approach to not only football, but life in general keep being key characteristics of the club. This is strongly represented in team mottos: ‘Joint the club’ and ‘You’ll never smoke alone’. There is an increasingly strong fan basis, who are eager to show their support for the clubs strong focus on equal rights and diversity.

The unique hummel CSC jersey designs have been spotted on celebrities world-wide and CSC has come to represent a form of national team for the Freetown Christiania. Hummel embraces the more alternative, charismatic team, and is proud to have entered a partnership with a club that shares the same wish to Change the World Through Sport. 




Lituania Football

FC Utrecht

Atiker Konyaspor


Southern California
Sports Club

Galatasaray Spor

SpVgg Greuther

Sandness Ulf
Brøndby IF
Real Valladolid











  • FC Radnicki NIS







  • NR Krka



  • Björn Kopplin
  • Andreas Glockner
  • Fabian Baumgärtel
  • Christopher Gäng
  • Nico Empen
  • Manuel Fischer
  • Sören Brandy
  • Chris Gäng
  • Marcus Piossek


  • Brandon Miller
  • Coady Andrews
  • Corey Ashe
  • Haley Carter
  • Jacob Van Compernolle
  • Kristian Nicht
  • Kyle Zobeck
  • Matt Pacifici
  • Steward Ceus
  • Lukas Laurinavicius
  • Mike Garzi


  • Hisato Sato
  • Megumi Takase
  • Ayu Nakada
  • Atsushi Kawata
  • Naofumi Tanaka
  • Masaya Jitozono
  • Yuki Ichikawa


  • Ming Sue
  • Chiu Yu-Hung
  • Pan Wen-chieh