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Men’s Footwear

In our collection you’ll find everything from football boots and performance indoor shoes to on-trend, smart footwear for men. At HUMMEL we value quality, durability and functionality, which is why we use the latest technology and cutting edge materials to keep your training comfortable and your look street sharp.

Footwear for training, football or soccer, handball and fitness

We’ve got shoes to match your activity, so you can hit the streets in style and train for your sport of choice with our choice of quality supportive footwear. Whether you powerwalk, trek or play, we have the ideal footwear for you, suitable for a variety of sporting and exercise activities, as well as stylish casual shoes for everyday wear.

Indoor shoes for handball, futsal and fitness for men

Our indoor footwear range has lots of shoes for every man and size. Whichever taste you have and to whichever occasion, we have a shoe that will fit your need. The indoor shoes are specifically designed for fitness such as crossfit, weight lifting - basically anything at your gym. We have lots of colours from flashy neons to a subtler colour range. Our Crosslite shoe is one of the more popular ones and it offers great breathability, comfort (and looks).

Trendy sneakers and kicks for men

If you’re more into fashion shoes that can go with an everyday outfit or more trendy ones, you can look through our range of fashion shoes. We have both low-tops and high-tops in leather, nylon and suede, and they’re all easy to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.


Durable football or soccer boots for men

Lastly, we have our football boots, which are made for different surfaces and with a variety of designs. We have moulded studs, astroturf soles and indoor soles that are suitable for synthetic surfaces, soft ground, wooden surfaces and hard grass.