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Girls Sportswear

Let her feel confidant and ready to play in comfortable football pants, shorts or a pair of knickers. From relaxed fit to slim fit, HUMMEL girl’s pants offer a wide variety of cuts for her comfort. We’ve got everything from cotton to poly and microfiber fabric.

Sportswear and sports equipment for girls

She will love the sporty styles we have in our sports collections. Here, you’ll find a great selection of outerwear, beachwear, pants, polo’s, equipment bags, accessories and much more. Whether she’s looking for a relaxed style to wear on her active days or as a part of her kit, you’re sure to find the perfect pick for her here.

Durable and comfortable sportswear for your little girl

Sports are supposed to be fun, and your kid needs to have all the comfort, durability and great design she can get. Here at hummel, we design all our kids apparel with functionality and range of motion in mind. It’s important that children can run around the football pitch or play at school or kindergarten without restriction, and this is possible with our range of apparel. If she needs a jacket or a zip for those chilly nights or when she’s out shopping with mom, there are dozens of styles to choose between right here.

Our training attire comes in many different colours and designs, and it’s perfect for both matches and training. While you’re at it, take a look at our footballs and handballs that come in so many different designs and for all levels of the game.