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 hummel lifestyle apparel for men and women

This year’s hummel® Lifestyle collection features casual and sporty silhouettes sprinkled with a bit of street vibe! A versatile collection for warm-ups, cool-downs or a laid-back casual everyday look.

With inspiration from American football, the 90s track suit trend and an overall laid-back approach, this collection features everything from casual dresses, tops, and acid-washed outfits for the girls as well as sporty jackets, t-shirts and sweatpants for the guys!


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Lifestyle Clothes for Men, Women & Children

The HUMMEL lifestyle range for men, women and children is designed to make you look your sharpest and most on-trend & sporty whether you’re off to the gym or lounching at home for the day. You’re sure to find the perfect pick from our collection of sporty clothes whether it being outerwear, pants, shorts, t-shirts, jackets, sweats, swimwear and accessories. 

Merino wool for babies and small children

For the smallest kids, we have developed a special line of wool. To be able to give you the very best, we have chosen the softest and most premium materials - Merino wool - which originated from well-treated sheep that haven’t been exposed for mulesing. Wool products regulate your baby’s body temperature as it detains heat, absorbs sweat and allows the skin to breathe. It has the natural ability to keep the body warm when it’s cold, and chilled when it’s warm. Combined with its bactericidal and self-cleaning features, this makes the wool perfect as pyjamas or under a snowsuit in the winter. The leggings are also smart enough to wear on their own under a dress as well as the T-shirt teamed with pants.

Swim- and beachwear for both men, women and children

For summer days, our swim- and beachwear ensures the whole family with style, quality and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Swimwear for kids, babies and tweens is equipped with UV 50+ protection, which is the highest level possible, and our range also includes swim suits and sun hats that protect your child from top to toe. For men and women, we have plenty of trendy clothes : stylish tees, pants, knickers, outerwear and much more all year round.

Get inspired by looking through our wide selection of lifestyle clothes for all ages.