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Presenting a brand-new addition to the all-time favourite Stadil range, the Stadil RMX introduces some trendy adjustments to a classic, heritage design.


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A brand new hummel sneaker to the Stadil range, the hummel Stadil RMX is an updated version of a classic design. It has a thicker outsole for a chic look and is decked out in premium suede and canvas. A trendy sneaker that works across genders. It comes as a high-cut sneaker and a low-cut sneaker.


We are proud of our brand DNA and that can be seen in the Stadil RMX. Retro sneakers are taking over the scene and this retro hummel sneaker is a sure winner. A clean-lined design with debossed chevrons and logo for a subtle, retro look. A hummel retro sneaker that will catch any retro lover’s eye.


The Stadil RMX is here to stay. Sneakers are fashion and we love the subtle, understated look of these hummel sneakers. Different colourways ensure that there’s a little something for everyone to love – easy to pair with your wardrobe!