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Women’s Clothing – Sport, Lifestyle and Footwear

Explore our wide range of clothes, shoes and accessories for women. With styles for every occasion and taste, you’re sure to find the perfect pick from our sports, lifestyle or fashion collections. Dive into our wide selections of T-shirts, equipment bags, shorts, swimwear, pants, jackets, footwear and much more. 

Women’s sportswear and leisure apparel

Quality is really important when you’re buying new clothes. If you are playing football or practicing another sport, you need breathable and comfortable apparel to help you perform at your best. When you buy women’s sports, fashion and lifestyle wear from hummel, you know you are getting great quality. Our range of women’s sportswear and leisure apparel are from a quality brand, providing the best possible support for your workout. 

Womenswear for training, football, handball, fitness and leisure

Our collection of womenswear consists of four main categories: we have sports, lifestyle, fashion and footwear. If you’re going to the gym or if you’re off to training, we have the ideal clothes and accessories for it. All of our indoor shoes are perfect for gym training such as Zumba, pilates, yoga and crossfit, and they come in all the colours of the rainbow. Our football boots are designed in many different varieties, while our fashion range is great for everyday use and special occasions.  

Fashion and sports bags for women

When you’re off to a weekend getaway with the ladies or your sweetheart, you need the right bag to carry our items. We have bags in so many sizes – both in fashion and sports designs – and they all have room whether you need to pack a lot or a little.

Women’s sports equipment and sports wear

From sports bags and technical jackets to jerseys and balls, we have an excellent selection at hummel. Our sports jackets are equipped with the latest technologies, breathable fabrics and clever designs, making them ideal to wear when you’re out performing. Accessories are easily found in our range too as we have hotpants, beanies, towels, gloves and much more to choose from.