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Clothes & Shoes for Baby Boys, Kids and Tweens

Here, you’ll find HUMMEL clothes, shoes and accessories for your little man. With clothes for every occasion and every taste, you can find the perfect pick from our sports, lifestyle or fashion collections. Find T-shirts, equipment bags, shorts, swimwear, pants, jackets, footwear and more for infants, toddlers, and tweens. 

Durable, functional and comfortable kidswear for boys

We want kids to be able to stay comfy and protected while playing, and our clothes for boys ensure exactly that. In our range, you’ll find everything he needs to be able to have fun, stay comfy all day and play around freely. We design our kids’ range with special attention to durability and functionality, because we know how kids love to tussle and get their clothes dirty. This requires the best fabrics, quality and design to not only keep the clothes comfortable, but also long-lasting.

Boys wear for active kids

Our kids’ collection contains lots of statement tees for boys in all ages from baby to tween, and if he likes subtle tees better, there are plenty of those, too. Our pants and joggers are specifically designed for a great range of motion for your little man, and for the older boys who aim to be the coolest in school, there are tons of smart zip jackets, outerwear and sporty shorts.

Cool sneakers, shoes and functional footwear for boys

Our many sneakers and sports footwear also come aplenty, and there’s a pair for every occasion and boy. Whether he’s playing football in school or he needs a cool pair for the next vacation, he’s sure to find something in our range. Our shoe range is bang up to date with fashion both in terms of colours, designs and fit.